Green Roofs

Green Roofs

Green roof, Farnham, Surrey - Complete with table & chairs
Green roof, complete with table & chairs

A green roof is a roof covered fully or partially in living vegetation. In its simplest form, a green roof consists of a waterproof membrane, a growing medium such as a thin layer of soil, and then planting.

The roof not only looks plush and green but is green in an environmental sense too – The plants used will soak up carbon dioxide, reduce rainwater run-off and provide a habitat for wildlife. In addition they reduce urban air temperatures (heat islands).

Green roofs can be converted from the roofs of garden sheds, garden offices, outhouses, workshops and garages. We can provide not only extensive (light, low maintenance), semi-intensive and extensive (heavy, high-maintenance) green roofs but we also specialise in zero-maintenance green roofs using artificial turf.

The most common forms of green roof plantings are sedum, also called stonecrop, and consisting of sometimes as many as 400 varieties of succulent (crassulaceae), plus we can create green roofs from mosses or grass.

We have recently completed an artificial grass roof on a wooden-clad double  garage in Farnham, Surrey – The bare roof was sealed with a waterproof membrane before being coverrd in a layer of lush fake grass. We even threw in a couple of chairs and a table to demonstrate the sturdiness of the roof but also the practicality of the artificial green roof too. Now the satisfied customer can have breakfast on, quite literally, a new level, taking in the views of the rolling Surrey landscape at the same time.

A word of caution: Not all roofs are ready to be converted to green roofs “as is” and some projects will require additional construction work in order to strengthen the structure. This is particularly important for “intensive” green roofs or roof gardens that might require greater depth of soil and additional drainage.

Just for reference a lighter, “extensive” green roof will typically carry 10-25 pounds of vegetation per square foot whilst a more high maintenance “intensive” green roof supports from between 80 and 150 pounds of vegetation per square foot.